quest for mediocrity

You've heard the story before: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage...And Then comes dropping some serious $$$ at Costco for a fancy camera because if you don't take pictures of your baby, you are like totally a bad parent.

So, I now have this great camera, but because I have never before been interested in taking pictures, I seriously have no clue how to us it. Simple things that seem intuitive, are for me, not intuitive. Just ask my husband, who really experiences the worst of it, or any of my fellow grad students that have been in a technology class with me. And this isn't a moment of comedic self-deprecation---I am really bad at figuring out how to get things to work.

But I am determined!! For the past four months I have been on a quest to become a mediocre photographer. It would seem that mediocrity would not be that hard to obtain (I'm not even going for good or amatuer), but it turns out that there is a lot that goes into taking pictures. And it probably didn't help that I tried to figure it all out on very little sleep.

Without further adieu, I present my first picture that I am really proud of. He is four months old here, so yes, it took me four months to produce, but whatever. Both photo and subject were worth the wait.


the reaper reaps

One of our many nicknames for Zachary is Grim Reaper----Reaper for short. He earned this nickname, and continues (regretfully) to maintain it, because he brings death and destruction at nighttime.

The name is multi-functional and we often use it as a verb: Did you get reaped? How bad was the reaping? He reaped me while I was on the phone, trying to eat, sleep, etc...

Caution: This is the face of the Reaper. This is the face that nightmares are made of.
Consider yourself warned.