I am totally into New Years Resolutions.  I love that small window of time where you ride the momentum of change and control, and 'this time it will be different.'  Who cares that it will all be forgotten by January 20th, I am living in the moment and 2016 is going to be my best year ever!!  Yessssss!!!!!!! (fist in the air!)

I have two resolutions this year; one is to be better at cooking and having family dinner.  That was actually my resolution last year, but it turned out that that year was not so different, so now this is the year that is going to be different.
My other resolution is one that I just added today, and was feeling a little insecure about until I talked to my sister.  She said it was a really great idea.  In fact, she was so enthusiastic I think she might adopt it for her own.

My other resolution is to work on being more vain.  Maybe even the kind of vain that takes selfies with duck lips.
But even if I don't take it that far, I at least want to be vain enough to figure out a better hairstyle.  And a lipstick color.  And up my everyday wardrobe.  Since going through pregnancies and kids the questions that I ask myself before making a clothing purchase have become this;
But does it feel like I am wearing my pajamas? (Proceed if yes)
BUT is it a slight upgrade from actually wearing my pajamas. (Proceed if yes)

Me wearing upgraded pajamas became glaringly obvious when on a shopping trip with Clint at Anthropology.  It was my birthday so I felt justified both in buying something and making Clint wait while I shopped the sale-rack (seriously the rest of that store doesn't even exist.  Like who does the rest of that store exist for???)
I came out of the dressing room in this longish open sweater that kind-of draped open in a way that felt breezy and forgiving.  But it was made of sweatshirt-ish material so it was really comfortable. 

"This is cute, right?  I mean I know its not really cute, but its like comfortable-cute, right??'

And I can't even remember what Clint said because really, it doesn't matter, it never does with shopping, I bought the sweater.  The wake-up call came when I looked down at the receipt and it read: 

Fringe Blanket

I couldn't believe that I had just bought a wearable blanket.  Like when did it get that bad??!! 

For this being vain resolution I also want to work on getting better at taking family photos.  Now that I am of a certain age and have children I feel like family photos are a big thing.  They are important.

This is a family photo that my sister took over the holiday while we were all in California.  I love how happy we look (she was saying 'poop' and 'fart' to get the kids to laugh) and I love how I am doing that thing with my leg to make that little calf muscle pop.  That was a good being vain choice.  But I wish I would have not laughed so enthusiastically that my eyes closed, and why didn't anyone tell me to wear lip-stick? Or get a tan??  Or do that arm pose that everyone does???  
These are the things I need to get better at for next time.  I read somewhere that the most flattering pose is to turn your body three quarters away from the camera, and then turn your head back to the camera so you are kind of looking over your shoulder.
I wanted to try that for these photos but I wasn't sure what to do with all the children.  And then there is Clint.  What would he do while I am three-fourthing??!!!  Also I am not sure that my neck has that kind-of flexibility.  Its like the Exorcist: Fashion Edition.   

Anyways, those are my New Years Resolutions.  I would love to hear yours!  Happy 2016!

Sophie working on the 3/4 rule