men and their shirts

Just a couple of guys in their white shirts ready to go to church on a Sunday morning.


Momumental May

May has been a great month.
  1. I finished writing my thesis and passed my orals.
  2. I graduated!
  3. I fit back into my old clothes. Jeans that zip! Pants that button!! Shirts that hug!!! Hello to all my long lost friends.

Here is a picture of me and Z at graduation. I like it because I look busy; like I am an accomplished (graduated!) no-nonsense do it all Mom on the go.

The speaker at the fine arts graduation was a fellow dancer and friend. He gave such an uplifting and inspiring speech. Here is Z with that hopeful academic look that seems to say

Being smart feels amazing. I am here to change the world.

May really has been a great month. Cheers to a fabulous June.


springtime for utah

We really love living in Salt Lake. It is perfect except for one thing: winter lingers. Snow in April, snow in the middle of May...it happens every year, but every year we complain and act super surprised and outraged. This year, when we woke up to a snowy Saturday the last day of April, Clint declared that he was going to make a snowman for Zachary.

Of course, what snowman isn't complete without a binky and some huggies?

Zachary loved it.

And Clint was super proud of his creation.

The good thing about snow in April and May is that it usually doesn't last. By afternoon our snowman was much smaller, the huggie absorbed to the max, and we were all out of our cold winter clothes.

All in all, it was a pretty good Saturday.