I came across this photo the other day, and could not believe it. How were my abdominals once so flat?!! I stared in amazement for at least five minutes.

Oprah always asks her super famous guests what they would tell the younger version of themselves. So, what would I tell this completely unassuming and naive girl in the photo?

Wear a bikini!!! Everyday, wear a bikini!! Rain or shine, work or play...Dress it up with heels for church, a scarf for cold weather, and a great set of pearls for a night out.

And what would I tell this poor muffin top girl that stands in for the current state of my midsection?

I'm so sorry, but you should have worn the bikini when you had the chance

Amidst all these sad changes to my figure, there has been a silver lining in the post-partum body. Yep, that's right folks, I finally got myself some boobs...and they were completely free.
This is the one thing that I wouldn't mind keeping from the whole experience. It seems only fair that I should get a souvenir.

The whole family has benefited. I finally get the whole bra thing, Clint has taken to singing Adam Sandler's Yes, you have a nice rack!! And how does Zachary feel about the girls? I think the photo speaks of that quite accurately:



While I've been working so hard to get rid of my rolls, Zachary has been working equally as hard to pack some on. Gotta love that baby chub!