I was intrigued by all the wild, high fashion hats at the royal wedding. What is the process/evolution of taking something super functional like a hat (blocks the sun and hides a frizzy head of hair when lazy) and rendering it completely useless?

It begs the question, what makes a hat a hat? Is it its purpose and functionality, or is a hat simply anything that rests atop a head?

Zachary too has been grappling with these same questions. He asks, If a hat can be a completely useless object that sits on the head, why can't the everyday object serve as this accessory?

Here Zachary explores the hat as everyday object with the lid to a Cafe Rio Pork Salad with pinto beans, and yes please the creamy house dressing.

And here Zachary wears the top of a chicken burrito with black beans and mild salsa. At first he thought that maybe the lid was wearing him, but ultimately said I am fabulous and went for it.

And here Zachary pays homage to the source of all these musings with a very English tip of the hat and Top of the morning to you, Cheerio my lady.