Baby Math

If it takes 15 minutes to nap a baby that then sleeps for 10 minutes, I ask, is it worth the effort?

Seriously Mommy, do the math.


Baby Woes

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about? Finally, here are some answers:

My stocks dropped 500%!!!

Traffic really gets my blood boiling.

Taxes stink!!!

I knew I should have gotten that prenup!


Ode to Grandpa

I want you to know a couple things about your Grandpa Mac:
He adores you. And not just in the typical What a cute baby, let me pinch his cheeks, and pass him back to Mommy.
Oh no, this man will play with you for hours, and then similar to how an older sibling interprets for the younger sibling, your grandpa will tell anyone else who might want to play with you your preferences.

Z man likes to boing...and then he likes to play baby Godzilla.
Well, right now he wants you to spin that ball really close to his face so he can reach for it...and he really enjoys slobbering on his red polka-dot bird. But whatever you do, make sure to hold him so he can see what is going on...

Zachary, I think you are already catching on, but you are really going to love hanging out with your Grandpa Mac.

When you were just twenty weeks old, and still a little bean in my belly, your Grandpa began making plans to turn you into a snow skiing pirate.

When me and your Grandma shopped South Coast Plaza, Grandpa and you hung out in the wings, you being initiated into the Men waiting for the shopping trip to end club.

Your Grandpa doesn't even care to acknowledge the beauty of self-entertaining toys. You are just going to leave him there??!! is his incredulous response when I go for some indulgence such as brush my teeth or go to the bathroom.

This man is devoted. You are one lucky grandkid.

You and Grandpa playing baby Godzilla