Dad's Workout

it really was impossible to pick just one

Here we go!!!!

Well, it has happened again. We went against everything rational and decided to do the baby thing again. I was planning on waiting a bit longer and spacing them three years apart, but in the end I started to get the itch, started to feel like something was missing, and became impatient with thinking about when?? all the time.

When I told Zachary's pediatrician that I was expecting he said

Well, two years apart is the most common spacing, but also the most challenging.

Ummm thanks alot, buddy. Couldn't you have shared that with me before the fact? I should have come back with some remark about how having eight children (he has eight!! children) is most uncommon, because it is not only challenging, but literally insane, but this man has a heart of gold, and when I was postpartum and totally still chubby he said that Zachary was lean, just like his mother.

The first trimester was awful. I was sooo sick....everyday, all day. And I learned that one year olds are not at all compassionate or sympathetic. I tried my hardest to turn Zachary into a TV watching machine, but it didn't work. That damn purple dinosaur can only hold his attention for 20 minutes.

One day I was at our local children's museum, allowing Z work out his endless energy, me slumped in a corner waiting for the day to pass, when I struck up a conversation with a really optimistic mommy of four. We started talking about how awful the first trimester of pregnancy is (she said that she at least spends a day or two crying in bed), and then with raised eyebrows said

I can't believe you are here...I mean, way to go.

And then I started crying and told her that I feel like I don't have any options, my child will not be bribed with TV and candy......and she just looked really sympathetic, which was so nice at the moment. We probably would have had more of a moment but then Zachary made a dash for a different part of the museum, and so me awkwardly crying to a stranger had an awkward ending. I did find out, however, that she is planning on having one more child.

Which is really exactly the point. Now that the first trimester has distilled down to a couple of memories, a couple of funny stories that I can smile and slowly shake my head from side to side about, I am beyond excited to meet our little baby girl.

That's right, we are having a girl child!!!!!

I can't wait to snuggle her and smell her sweet newborn smell and touch her little hands and feet.

Here are a couple of pregnancy shots that my sister took while reunioning on the Seattle coast.

Baby Girl Womack
Coming this Fall 2012